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The Ann Arbor Student Building Industry Program

The Homes We Build


The AASBIP provides Ann Arbor high school students with a 
unique learning experience. Through the actual construction 
of a new home, from raw land to finished product, students 
learn the importance of math skills, architectural dimension, 
job satisfaction, along with teamwork, responsibility and 
dependability. Upon completion of the program, students 
have an awareness of the many opportunities and benefits 
of the construction industry and related fields.

The Ann Arbor Student Homebuilding Program began as the 
dream of representatives of the school system, local businesses, 
and banking representatives. They believed that high school 
students could, with proper supervision and assistance, build 
a quality house.

The Ann Arbor Student Home Building Program is currently 
putting together an alumni association. If you are an alumni 
of the program or would like more information please e-mail and follow along wih the latest acheivements,and fun on the worksite on Facebook at

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